Display Products in 3D

We will help you bring all your products to the limelight! Get all the product models in 3D for further viewing in Augmented Reality. And provide with more real shopping experiences to your customers; let your creative products take the center stage. Enable your customers to foresee the look and feel of your products in real time in their environment.


360° Rotation View

A rehearsal assures that you are taking a calculated risk before you put up a good show! Your customers can view the product in 360° rotation mode. Shoppers can also use simple features like drag, scale and reposition while seeing the product from all angles. Let them see every aspect of your product by providing perspective in Augmented Reality.

AR gives shoppers, the confidence that may motivate purchasing decisions. It allows them to envision products in real time.

Styling with Color Configurator

Your customers can select the color, texture and patterns from the palette they prefer and match to their home or workplace theme. Give them customized products suiting to their needs. Let them style and have fun with the innovative color configurator and be sure before they buy. Create an experience by offering a personalized green room for your products.


Save & Share

RaAR adds character to your products. Customers can share their selected design or type with friends and family through social networks directly from the app. They can also save their favorites to the gallery to view or buy it later. Get paparazzi to follow your brand!

Meeting the ‘Need for Reality’

Imagine influencing your customer’s buying decisions by letting them visualize products in real time and in their space. We are helping businesses achieve improved online shopping experiences by offering Augmented Reality experience for your creative products. Enhance online shopping experiences with RaAR.

Buy Directly from RaAR App

Your customers can browse products from other webshops on our app and purchase it directly without having a detour to their webshop. They can visualize the selected product in 3D view from partnered stores with few easy steps. And hence, they can find faster, visualize it in AR and buy it right here. The ultimate climax for your customer’s shopping experiences right here, right now.


The RaAR Advantage

Learn how you can get started and make the most of your business with the RaAR advantage. Get RaAR for your online business.

service Create 3D Models
We will provide you with almost everything for AR experiences. All you have to do is, send us the product pictures in 360° view, i.e. 36 frames to create the 3D Models. We will convert those images into High Definition 3D model. And your product is one step away from the Final Showdown!
service Convert 3D Model to Augmented Reality
The final touch can add to the entire user experience. We will do the needful. We will convert the 3D models for Augmented Reality Experience. Prepare your product for customers to see how it fits, let them twist and turn it to arrange in their environment.
service Partner with RaAR
When we share, it is a win-win situation. You can collaborate with us as partners and sell directly through our platform. This way your users go through less steps of buying. Also, you reach out to the more customers. Partner to connect with them through us.
service Learn About Customers
When you are introducing a new innovation/ technology, it becomes important to learn the customer’s response. We avail you with analytics to learn about customer behavior and their preferences. We will help you deliver an experience and not just a product.
service CRM Integration
As RaAR advantage, you can opt for an inbuilt CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System. So that you have better comprehension of customer lifecycle in order to enhance shopping experiences through effective communication & manage your relationships.
service App Store Optimization
Your show is a success only when you have enough audience for it. Well, in this case we have App Store Optimization services for you. Our services of ASO will let you stay on the top and be visible to your targeted audience. Be in the limelight with the ASO Experts at RaAR.

The Pricing

Select the given packages suiting to your needs. Empower your products with RaAR's Augmented Reality experience.

Features Start Grow Customize Business Pro
App with Branding red red red
Listing on FurnishAR red red red red
Converting 2D to 3D model 1 3 Models Included For Additional Requirements: Price US$ 50 per Model 10 Models Included For Additional Requirements: Price US$ 40 per Model 40 Models Included For Additional Requirements: Price US$ 35 per Model 100 Models Included For Additional Requirements: Price US$ 30 per Model
Linking to website or ecommerce 4 Price US$ 300: One Time Setup Cost per Shop Price US$ 250: One Time Setup Cost per Shop Price US$ 200: One Time Setup Cost per Shop
Analytics 5 red red red red
CRM - Marketing Tool red red red red
One Month App Store Optimization red red red red
Monthly Pricing(Minimum contract For a year) Not Applicable Price US$ 299 Price US$ 399 Price US$ 549
Yearly Pricing Not Applicable Price: US$ 3300 US$ 275 per month instead of US$ 299 Price: US$ 4320 US$ 360 per month instead of US$ 399 Price: US$ 5520 US$ 460 per month instead of US$ 549

Get Customized RaAR App for Business

We are offering customized RaAR app solution to drive your business. Tell us what you need and we will incoporate that for you in AR. Take user experience to level next by
availing them features to visualize products in real time with RaAR app.